Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teaching camp: Part II

In my last entry I talked about my first day at teaching camp.  In this entry I will be less linear in my discussion, but I'll still talk about the camp.

After a day or so of listening to the same dude talk about distance education, everything kind of started to blur together.  I had more meals with other random people (but managed to avoid eating any desserts) and took a bunch of notes that will probably be incomprehensible to me when I go back to look at them.

On Monday afternoon we had 3 hours of free time and there were a variety of activities one could sign up for.  Going to the public pool at the state park, going to a museum, and a 2 mile hike to a waterfall were all on the list.  Glutton For Punishment Girl, after running 3 miles (more than I have in awhile), followed the cool kids to the waterfall and had a nice hike.  Apparently the waterfall is normally bigger and prettier, in years when the state actually gets decent rainfall:

The rest of Monday was more of the same.  Tuesday I again got up and ran almost 3 miles with the same ladies as before (with the addition of two others), after which I walked over to the lookout of the mountain and snapped this pretty picture:

When I was running and caught a glimpse of the view out of the corner of my eye, my brain kept thinking I was running near an ocean.  It ain't an ocean, but it's sure purdy!

Tuesday moved away from distance education and there were sessions co-led by a variety of faculty across campus.  Some sessions were fun, and during others I had to restrain myself from eye-rolling.  Late afternoon we took a group picture, boarded the bus and headed back to Fayetteville.

I have to say, the bus ride back was one of my favorite parts.  I met another young female faculty member at teaching camp who I instantly clicked with.  She is funny, very open, easy to talk to, and we seem to have similar values.  Even more, she's also been searching for additional girlfriends.  The three hours on the bus passed in a flash, and I've already hung out with her once since teaching camp ended.  I guess overall it was a success: I got to see another part of the state, talked about teaching, and made a friend (I hope). 

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