Thursday, August 30, 2012

New home...Part II

I gave a static tour of the downstairs of our new home on my last post, and now it's time for the upstairs.

If you feel you need to understand the geography of the space, the stairway is essentially behind the couch (see the first picture on the previous post).  There is a landing at the top of the stairs with three doorways.  Straight ahead is the bathroom, to the right is our room, and to the left is our "office."

Here's our room:

Turning back to face the door, you see all the built in bookshelves that we have filled with boxes and pull-drawers to keep random stuff in.  Also notable here is the skylight--both upstairs bedrooms have one, and after a year in what was essentially a basement apartment, all the light in this house is fabulous.  To the right of the TV there is a small door--this leads to a storage area that runs the length of the room.  This one is called "tub row" because it holds plastic tubs of sweaters and purses and shoes.

This bathroom is decorated in blue, grey, black and white.  

Here is the office (and Margot, who tried to get in as many pictures as possible). 

Standing in the corner facing back to the door you can see our loveseat/reading area.

The house suits us very well, and so far (fingers crossed!) we are doing a pretty good job of keeping it neat and tidy, without our normal clutter.  Having space to put things really helps.

And last, but not least, here is our back deck.  Or porch. Or patio.  Or veranda.  I am not clear on which is the most appropriate terminology. 

Mistress O'Hara left us her grill and patio furniture for our use, and our two patio chairs go with the other two quite well.  We've already had a few cookouts and lounged around the patio, and Doug is becoming a master griller.

There is a seating area on the front porch, too, but I neglected to capture that one on film.

We love living here and we hope that you have enjoyed the "tour."  Now....come visit, why don't ya?

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