Saturday, August 25, 2012

Event weather

If I haven't mentioned this before, one of my favorite things about living in Walmart Country is the local news.  Small town local news just cracks us up.  We don't watch it every day, but we do catch it sometimes and the weather in particular is entertaining.

Doug is better at recalling these kinds of details than I am, but one of the local channels regularly shows us the weather in British Columbia.  Not on accident, either, but it's like there is a "sister town" or something in that region of Canada, because they show a map and describe the forecast up there. 

The 7-day forecast is one of my favorites.  The below picture doesn't do it justice, because it usually has movement--the clouds roll quickly on the overcast days, the rain blows around in the little box for rainy forecasted days

I was enamored with this particular forecast because on Saturday August 25th the forecast included the Northwest Arkansas Emergency Preparedness fair.  It's exactly like it sounds--a fair to give people information about what to do in an emergency.  We seriously thought about going just as a people-watching opportunity, and I love that it's part of the weather.

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