Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Make Me Feel Like a Naturals Fan

While staying in and rewatching the entire Freaks & Geeks series was an excellent way to spend our nights, after a couple of weeks Jenn and I decided that it was about time to leave the house for reasons other than buying stuff and start meeting people. We had started taking part in a local pizzeria's trivia night. The trivia at this place didn't seem nearly as fun as the trivia we would participate in in Albuquerque. However, it's possible I'm saying that because I'm a sore loser and it's difficult for a team of two to beat teams with six players or more.

Last week, I turned to meetup.com to look for some local groups we may be interested in. One group that struck my interest was the NW Arkansas Transplants, people new to the area looking for new friends. Sounded perfect. Their next event was going to be held at a baseball game in nearby Springdale.
Why the is the team named the Naturals? Because Arkansas is the Natural State. In my opinion, it's better name than the Thunder Chickens, which was considered because Springdale is the world headquarters for Tyson Foods. Their mascot is a Sasquatch named Strike.
I would have to say that I was having such a good time getting to know the others in the Meetup group that I really wasn't paying attention to the game itself.

I did pick up a few things, though. The Naturals take full advantage of their name and play the theme from the movie The Natural whenever someone from the team homers. In addition, whenever the opposing team has an error, they play the sad horn music from The Price Is Right. We got to hear that multiple times in one inning. That's Double-A ball for you.

We definitely wouldn't mind braving the smells from the farms that surround the stadium to go to another game. Only next time around, we'll know well enough to try out a Funnel Dog, which is exactly what it sounds like: a hot dog in funnel cake batter.
And best of all, we may have met people to join our trivia team.

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