Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just call us the new Mystery Team....

Shortly after we moved in, I changed my old Albuquerque "home" phone number to a 479 number. I dislike giving my cell phone number out, and I thought it might be nice for us to have a "home" number anyway. For the record, "home" is in brackets because it's an internet-based phone, meaning that it won't work if the internet goes down, but otherwise it looks like a normal land line.

The same day that we got the number, we started getting calls. Spamm-y type calls. I'd see an 800-number on the caller ID, answer it anyway, and the auto-dial box at the other end would immediately hang up. Although I put us on the Do Not Call list, it takes awhile for that to go through, and we've been getting regular calls on the line. They got to be annoying enough that Doug started calling the numbers back and telling them to take us off their stupid list.

But then, life got a little more interesting. First we received a call for a woman I will call "Gertrude." As I am not named Gertrude, nor is Doug, we simply assumed it was a wrong number or something. But then we got more calls for Gertrude, and it dawned on us that perhaps Gertrude was the prior holder of this phone number.

The plot thickened. Other calls started to come in for "Lionel." We weren't sure what was going on. Then, most recently, when I answered the phone and a woman asked for "Lionel," I told her that he is not at this number anymore. She took that as an invitation to ask "So, you don't know Lionel Murkspatter at all?" AH HAH! Finally, a last name!

We immediately got all excited and internet-stalked both Gertrude Murkspatter and Lionel Murkspatter (well, except we used their real names). After figuring out how to spell Murkspatter, that is. We learned that Lionel, at least, is a semi-creepy dude who still uses Myspace, and that they appear to live about an hour from here. Yes, we think we found a picture, too.

Ahem. We could probably use some friends and other activities, huh?

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