Sunday, August 28, 2011

A fairly perfect Saturday

Yesterday Doug and I had what was a fairly perfect Saturday. We slept in late and when we got up, I suggested that we make biscuits 'n gravy for breakfast. Armed with a box of Bisquick, a packet of gravy mix, and some last minute additions of sausage and eggs, we made a delicious breakfast in less than 15 minutes. Then we ate it watching an episode of Saved by the Bell, which has of late become a little tradition in our home.

As a side note, TBS has been airing Saved by the Bell reruns as long as I can remember, and when in Albuquerque I started taping them to give me something silly to watch. I have continued that tradition here, but now we can watch them in HD! TBS doesn't air them in order, or else the episodes were made with no thought about continuity whatsover (which does pose a problem for the series anyway....I mean, remember the one where Zack and Lisa get together and then it's never talked about again?!?). Doug and I have developed an appreciation for Saved by the Bell, because the characters are mostly awful but the ensuing conversations are almost always entertaining. Why on earth does Mr. Belding sometimes show up in Zack's bedroom? Why must Lisa be so bitchy to Screech ALL the time? Doesn't Jessie know more than one way to be a feminist, other than calling Slater a sexist pig all the time? And let us not forget the central question: why is Zack such a douche all the time, selfishly pulling pranks to get his way, theoretically learning a lesson for one episode and then completely forgetting the lesson (and his newfound appreciation for whatever the topic was that week, like saying no to drugs, saving ducks, or starting a hotline) by the next.

The afternoon was filled with a craft-y type project that I've been meaning to do for the last few weeks, and Doug was a good sport and pitched in to help. We listened to music, danced around, and generally had a grand ole' time.

Project complete, we headed out into the afternoon sunshine, walked around Dickson Street for a little bit and listened to the strains of the Fayetteville Roots Festival. We thought about buying tickets to actually see some of the shows but as we already had plans for the evening, we instead purchased tickets to TheatreSquared, a regional professional theatre that performs just a few blocks away from us. We'll be seeing their first show of the season in just a few weeks!

We ended the afternoon sipping beer on our porch in the fading sunlight, enjoying the birdies that fly through the backyard. Then, in the evening, we went to see the Phunbags, a local short-form improv troupe that performs about once a month. Now, as some of you know, Doug used to do improv and is therefore qualified to be critical (though qualifications won't really stop us). First thing's first: the name of this group is just awful. Awful! Doug says, "Maybe they are not legally allowed to spell it 'fun' because that implies fun." Which I suppose is foreshadowing the rest of our review. The good: entrance was only $5, it was walking distance from home, it was something different to do, and some laughter was had. The bad: the name, the repetitive games, a snarky peanut gallery in the corner that halfway through the show decided to just yell out reactions to the group during quiet moments. I mean, I enjoyed it more than Doug did, but even I was a little bored by some of the games by the end of the show. Not enough variety.

After the show we walked home, read Sure Thing from David Ives' brilliant collection of short plays All in the Timing, and then watched the first half of Star Wars. The original 1977 version, not one of the recent crappy ones.

All in all, a day with limited computing, no academic work, great company, and (varying degrees of) entertainment. Fayetteville, you did this day right.

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