Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We bought a house!  We started looking in February or so and found a place we liked far more quickly and easily than we imagined.  It's not *everything* we wanted (we already miss being within walking distance of the downtown square and all of the restaurants on Dickson street) but it's a lot of space that we'll be able to grow into.  It's a long but manageable walk from my office (a little over 2 miles), but right on the campus bus route.  We've also realized we're pretty close to the fairgrounds and a few other places worth walking to, and a short drive to all the old standbys.  So far we are pretty happy and settling in slowly, with more wall decoration and furniture to come in the future.

As people have asked for pictures, I figured here might be the easiest place to put them.  Let me take you on a little tour.

Here is the front door and the weird little open room space near the door where we have stashed a couch.  Perhaps later there will be toy bins here, but for now this is what we've done:

To the left of this is the living area (complete with a cat).

Behind the living area is an archway to the dining room.

From the dining room, you can look over into the kitchen.  This is another weird "room" with open space, but there is also a back screened in porch accessible from this area.

Another view of the kitchen.

Off the kitchen there is a room we call the "orange room" (for obvious reasons) which we are using as an office.

We made our books into a sort of "art" piece by arranging them by color...we love how it turned out!

Down the hallway we have the bedrooms.  A guest room (dubbed "the Brown Room" because we had one of those at our old place and it seemed to still fit):

A guest bathroom, which was the only room in the whole place we painted ourselves.  And by "ourselves" I actually mean my husband and our friend painted it when I was out of town.  It used to be a hideous neon orange color the paint can called "Passion Fruit."  We like it much better in bright yellow:

And last, the master bedroom, in a delicious shade of plum.

If you look closely you can see the grey and white paws of the other cat in the hallway outside the room!

There's also a master bath, and a currently empty room that will become the baby's room, but as those rooms are currently not interesting, I won't include them in the "tour."

Nor will I include the incredibly large garage and workshop space or the basement my friends have dubbed the "murder basement" because part of it looks like a place Dexter might want to set up camp.  There is a TON of storage available to us, and at least one room that we can finish to make into a game room or something.

It's our first home and so far we are loving it!


  1. I can't wait to swing by and see it - except the murder room, I will pass.

  2. Congratulations! Maybe you will have a bunch of visitors now!