Monday, July 23, 2012


On July 17th, we celebrated our one year Fayetteville anniversary, or as I like to call it, our Fayetteville-aversary.  On July 16th, 2011, after being jerked around by the horrible moving company I hired for about a week, we finally left Albuquerque, spent that fateful night in the hell that is Amarillo, Texas, and rolled into Fayetteville in the afternoon of the 17th.

After collecting the keys to our new apartment, we unpacked the car, inflated the air mattress, and then headed out to find food and entertainment.  The latter guided our choices, mostly because it was the weekend Harry Potter 7 Part Dos came out in theatres, and I was dying to see it.  Had it been a normal weekend, I would have gone to a midnight show, or at the very least seen it on Friday night.  So we trekked up to the mall area, had dinner at the Olive Garden, and saw Harry Potter.

Coincidentally enough, Harry Potter 7 came on cable the day we moved into our new place this year.

To commemorate our one year Fayettevilleaversary, we decided to do the only logical thing: have dinner at the Olive Garden.  We are creating a tradition here....we will go to the Olive Garden on July 17th every year, and ONLY on July 17th.  Neither Doug nor myself are fans of the Olive Garden (except....unlimited breadsticks....mmmmmmmm), not because it is horrible, but because there are other non-chain Italian places that are far better.  Plus, if we're being honest here, I was soured against Olive Garden as "the competition" when I worked at Macaroni Grill for over five years. 

So, Olive Garden 2012?  Check. See you again next July, OG!  (Well, technically we'll see it whenever we pass you on our way to Target, but no need to get into semantic arguments with myself on my own blog).

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