Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late update from last weekend

On Sunday afternoon (last weekend), we decided to enjoy the beautiful day and see some of the Fayetteville sights. We first went to one of the two miniature golf courses in Fayetteville, the Lokomotion. It reminded us of Hinkle Family Fun center in Albuquerque, as it was a family-type joint where one can have a variety of fun, including bumper boats, go-karts, and miniature golf. Unlike Albuquerque, however, this sign welcomed us to Lokomotion:

Who would dip or chew while go-karting or playing skee-ball? Really, Arkansas?

After I creamed Doug in a game of miniature golf, we played the favorite games in the arcade (Lets Make a Deal, air hockey, and a difficult turn on Dance, Dance Revolution), and somewhat sweatier, left Lokomotion.

We'd packed a small lunch and we headed for the shores of Lake Fayetteville, which is about 200 yards north of the Lokomotion place. The lake is close to the mall but on the other side of a hill such that if you don't go over the hill, you'll never see the lake. Doug didn't even know it was there.

We found some shade on the banks of Lake Fayetteville where we spent a tranquil hour eating sandwiches, staring at the waters and planning where to go on the honeymoon. Our view looked like this:

Purdy, eh? It was a nice quiet afternoon with (thankfully) no dipping. Either in the lake or into a tobacco canister.

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